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7 Comments New Admin

As some of you may already now Karma will be coming back and taking up the role of admin here at Eden. For those who don't know Karma, he was the admin of Eden a few years back before leaving to focus on education. He is now able to come back and focus on Eden.

With Karma becoming admin...

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3 Comments Forum downtime

19 hours ago our provider had an important internal networking issue that lead into a snowball effect that brought down many hosts. The eden site was one of those hosts. Since the machine that hosts the site hasn't been recovered yet i respawned it into a new machine so no data was lost.

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0 Comments Client Update - 9th December 2014

There has been an update to the client. It's a minor change required for the Christmas event quest.

Once the patch has downloaded, just a reminder to everyone to use online.exe or launcher.exe to launch the game after. This will replace the old psobb.exe with the new psobb.pat that has been...

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0 Comments Removal of Multiplayer quests from Solo Mode

Because Teth likes hardcoded numbers, it doesn't want more than 256 quests to be present at once. I'm not sure if this is a server thing or a client thing, but I have workarounds in mind for future versions of the ship. I tried changing this in a few ways, but it appeared to have no effect on...

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