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8 Comments Mouth watering meseta. (July 19th - July 26th)

Broke in game?
Want a quick boost to your meseta?

Here is your chance.

Just post a picture of food (or you with food ect… be creative) with your user name and PSOBB Eden in the picture let me know about your post in game will receive 10,000 meseta.

limit 1 entry per...

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10 Comments Eden's Launcher - Widescreen and High Resolution HUD

Current version: v1.0.5
For the players that would like to play PSOBB Eden in widescreen resolutions!

The launcher enables you to select from the following...

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5 Comments Changes to ship: 1st June 2014 - ???? Bug fixed

Hello all. We've finally gotten to the bottom of the ???? bug. When the ship next restarts we should no longer suffer from the bug.

Also there should no longer be anymore desyncs with other players when you use the bank.

Also with this ship update comes another implemented feature....

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14 Comments Changes to ship: 27th of May 2014

There's been a few changes to the ship.

First off. Changes to the team point rewards. You are now able to purchase Union Guard and Commander Blade as many times as you like. These are no longer a 1 time purchase.

Luck Mat's are now included correctly with the common drops so should...

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